Prices and Special offers

So, how much does a Children’s Entertainer cost?

Olly is not the cheapest but he is definitely the funniest and has years of experience to guarantee your party runs smoothly.
It is best to book at least 3 months in advance as he is in great demand.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Olly direct by clicking here or you can check over the FAQs
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Special Offers

There is nothing specific at the moment but please keep an eye out!

The 2 hr ‘Stress Free’ Party

Let Olly take control. All you need to do is provide a venue and food!

Whilst children are arriving Olly will take total control and see that everyone is happy and settled before the show starts,. Whilst playing some warm up games he will learn everyone’s name (this is something that Olly is famous for).
Then.. on with show! Olly’s variety show is a full on interactive type show with children helping out on stage and lots of audience participation creating fantastic photo opportunities and making memories!

A break for food (normally around 20mins) –
whilst there is a food break Olly will have some fun with the children so that they don’t get bored. He’ll even help pass the food around!

Then more games (all games are non – elimination which means that there will be no one sitting ‘out’ and no tears!! This can also include a disco if required. All the game are music based.
Just when the children are about the collapse from exhaustion Olly will settle everyone down and will make balloons for everyone and a huge balloon for the birthday child – If there is something specific that you would like Olly can sort that for you – he has made everything from from a giant Buzz Lightyear to huge Unicorn hats!

Prizes – Because the game section is non-elimination there are no winners or losers in the games but everyone gets balloons to go home with!

The price is £245

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The 90 min. Party

This option is becoming more and more popular. It’s perfect if you have other things planned for example bouncy castles or a charcter visit Olly is happy to work around what ever you have planned

This is essentially the same as the 2 hr party but just a quick break for a drink and the straight back into games!!
Just feed them at the end

The price is £210

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1 hr show

Olly’s variety show with Magic, Puppets, Songs and much more!
this is no less awesome than any of the other options., It’s just shorter!
Perfect when you have other things planned – also great for Christenings, weddings and preschools

The price is £175

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Weddings and Magic for Adults

Olly is the perfect choice for all kind of magical entertainment for adults
Please check out Olly’s designated website for all close-up magci and stage shows

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